Baby Learns Pairs 1kids 3.8 Review

Teach your children shapes, colors, and more with a fun puzzle game for Android.

Who needs cards or puzzles when you have a smartphone to help your child learn? Baby Learns Pairs 1kids will help your child learn matching, colors, and other vital skills. The games, however, are repetitive, annoying, and overly cute. That means you're bound to hate it, but it could very easily become your child's favorite game.

As the name implies, this game is designed for young children. That means it's chock-full of simple games and cute characters. More often than not, the characters are almost too cute. They make goofy noises and do silly gestures as repetitive music blares. All of the sounds are easy to turn off, if your child lets you, of course. As for the learning part of Baby Learns Pairs 1kids, the game makes your children match everything from tiger tails to the colors on hats. Your child will definitely improve their matching skills and probably other learning strategies. It also encourages them with compliments and praise when they do well. On the flip side, it also gives your child an annoying message when they miss a question, which didn't seem very helpful.

Baby Learns Pairs 1kids doesn't seem to be the most interesting game in the world, but it certainly beats letting your kids play games with unsuitable themes or images. They will enjoy it and are likely to learn in the process. That is, if you don't smash your smartphone after hearing the same annoying tune for hours on end.

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