Auto Flasher ROM flash utility 0.9.3 Review

Flash crucial files on your Android gadget for better performance with a simple and fast ROM flashing utility.

Flashing your BIOS on a computer is almost a rite of passage for super users. Now, you can do the same thing on your Android gadget with Auto Flasher ROM flash utility. It lets you update any part of your custom ROM if something goes wrong. It's also relatively easy for rookie rooters, but they should proceed with some caution.

Since Android doesn't let you flash stock builds, you need to root your phone to use this app. If you haven't rooted, the app will kick you out before you get a chance to explore anything. If it lets you in, you're greeted by an app that mimics Android's default settings menu. That's a nice comfort if you're still getting used to exploring your phone's settings more deeply. Auto Flasher ROM flash utility claims compatibility with most popular Android models. It won't flash the Clockwork Rom, but the app developer notes this on the app's download page. One of the app's biggest perks is installing a custom ROM that's saved on your phone or tablet's SD card.

If you don't know what flashing is, it's best you stay away from this app. It's relatively stable, but something could still go wrong. However, most of the negatives are knocks on rooting, itself, not problems with the app. Knowing that, Auto Flasher ROM flash utility can definitely be a time saver. It works with multiple platforms and does a great job of automating installs when you're tinkering with a ROM.

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