AndrOpen Office 0.9.2 Review

Read text files, spreadsheets, and more on your Android smartphone or tablet.

If you need to view OpenOffice, Microsoft Office, and other documents, this download can offer some help. AndrOpen Office plays on the familiar free Office suite, but it is purely a viewer so you won't be able to edit any of the multiple formats it supports for viewing.

Though the name plays on the free favorite, OpenOffice, it isn't made by the same people. It does seem to be made on the same skeleton of open source software, though. When you open AndrOpen Office, you're greeted by a mess of files that most users won't have too much fun navigating. It would be easier if the app just monitored folders where documents are likely to be. What's even more confusing is that when you select a document from the app, it gives you a choice of what programs to open it with. It makes you wonder why it doesn't just open it with one of the program's readers. The app offers viewers for text files, spreadsheets, and presentations, but you can't do any edits. Loading any file with this program is painfully slow, too.

AndrOpen Office isn't too much better than the Google's built-in readers, but if your phone doesn't run those smoothly, this app could be a good replacement. Despite the slow load time, it worked well, overall.

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