Android Equalizer Player 1.0.2 Review

Boost your music with bass, treble, and other equalizers available with Android Equalizer Player.

If you're an audiophile, the built-in media players in Android are never going to wow you. Even Google Music lacks advanced audio control. Android Equalizer Player, however, gives you a quality audio equalizer to enjoy your music more. Your mileage will vary based on how good your speakers are, but the extra control this player gives is welcome.

The app's blank, black layout is a minimalist's dream. It's just white text on a black background with no frills. That gives you all the room you need for music, but tapping the right buttons requires plenty of accuracy. Sliding from song categories is really smooth, though. When you're playing a track with Android Equalizer Player, one swipe gets you to the advanced controls. The only equalizer slider that's labeled is bass, so you'll have to experiment with each to see how they affect sound. There are a few custom presets, but there's not a ton of difference between them. For the most part, they make the sound either more or less tinny. How much of a boost they can give your music will definitely depend on the quality of speaker your phone has.

For a user whose speaker is middle of the road or worse, there's no real reason to download this app. However, the audio improvements are definitely noticeable on phones with high-quality speakers. Android Equalizer Player can make all of your favorite songs sound better than most other media players. You just need to come to the table prepared to spend some time learning how everything works for the app to be super effective.

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