Step Seq for Mac 1.0 Review

Create, save, and play your own electronic tracks with Step Seq for Mac.

Despite the number of computer games available, finding those with creative elements is often difficult. Step Seq for Mac, despite its limited design capabilities, provides fun for those users interested in creating their own music.

While Seq for Mac downloaded quickly, unfortunately the test computer used the latest version of a plug-in that was not compatible with the program. This required locating and downloading an older version that was larger in size, which substantially increased our installation time. The game, itself, installs as a widget in the computer dashboard. A tutorial deciphers the menus, which is helpful since the program's interface is rather unique. The user can select from two different types of sounds, which play at different pitches and intervals. This is combined with background percussion and other sounds. While fun, the program would benefit from additional sounds and instruments to emulate. The total playback time is also short, which means users will probably maximize their gameplay in a few hours. While disappointing, this is not uncommon for a freeware game.

While functional, Step Seq for Mac's limited options mean serious gamers should look elsewhere, although the musically-inclined may find it interesting for a short time.

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