Ziggy TV 4.2.2 Review

Watch TV, download and convert YouTube videos and music, etc. with this all-in-one app.

Ziggy TV is an all-in-one YouTube downloader and file converter with some extras, including a Net radio player, streaming Internet TV, free movies, and online games. It searches for music and videos on YouTube and plays or downloads and converts files to audio formats such as MP3, AAC, and even FLAC, as well as video formats. It's compatible with most versions of Windows, including Windows 8. While it's freeware, it's the free version of a "Pro" shareware app that offers higher quality conversions and more formats, so some of its premium features may be disabled.

Ziggy TV's tabbed interface accesses a lot of features: Music, Video, Convert, My Files, Watch TV, Radio, and Games, each with a variety of search tools and other sub-tabs. The menu bar includes some interesting extras like Skins and Chat as well as the more familiar View, Tools, and Help selections. Ziggy TV opened on the Music Search tab, so we entered the title of a song and pressed Search. We clicked the first of the results, and the tune played; clicking Download let us save it in one of several formats. But the audio quality was typical of tunes posted on YouTube -- pleasant, but lo-fi. We also tried the YouTube downloader and converter, which worked well. The Radio tab actually embeds Radio-Locator, the Internet radio search tool, so no complaints there. But users expecting to be able to watch top-quality TV shows and movies will find Ziggy TV's offerings a mixed bag. The Watch TV tab let us choose from a huge list of countries and genres, but the offerings skew heavily toward public service TV and similar fare. The Free Movies are all hosted on YouTube, though many other sites offer full movies for free. The games are a nice extra.

Ziggy TV basically ties together a lot of free resources in one busy interface. While you'll encounter lots of opportunities to upgrade to the Pro version, we suggest trying the free version to see if the all-in-one approach suits your tastes. Ziggy TV certainly has a lot to look over, even if you don't use all of its features.

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