Staxofax Lite 4.18 Review

Bring order to your PC world with this freeware clipboard and links manager.

Keeping track of all the things you do on your PC is probably a problem for you, and why shouldn't it be? It is for everyone else. This brings us to Staxofax Lite. It's the freeware version of Staxofax, a clipboard data manager. Like the full version, Staxofax Lite lets you save anything you copy to the clipboard to a single sheet (helpfully known as a "Sheet") of color-coded, customizable links that can launch a variety of apps. Staxofax Lite also backs up your saved data, so no matter what crashes, you'll still have your links, addresses, images, and other stuff. The biggest difference between Staxofax and Staxofax Lite is the size of the Sheets; the full version saves much more data to each Sheet. But since you can save as many sheets as you need (as well as search and manage data), you're not giving up that much.

Staxofax Lite's user interface is extremely simple: two columns of cells, one yellow and the other white. Using the program is also easy: Simply copy something to the clipboard, and it appears as a link in the left-hand, yellow-highlighted column for temporary storage. To keep a link, simply drag it to the right, then hold down the Ctrl key and click the link to edit it via a full-featured clip-editing tool, or quickly rename it and choose a highlight color. The program's system tray icons gave us quick access to our saved sheets. Staxofax Lite does more than just save tons of clips, and plenty of assistance (including video tutorials) is available on the Help menu to guide new users.

Efficiency starts with knowing where your stuff is. Heavy users will no doubt appreciate the extra capabilities that the full version offers, but many others will find Staxofax Lite more than up to the task.

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