Office Plus 5.2 Review

Organize and create basic office docs using this full-featured app.

The iPhone and iPad are increasingly becoming a part of many people's everyday work tools. However, there are very few built-in tools for editing documents and the iWork applications are not very compatible with Microsoft Office, which is used by more than 80 percent of offices and their workers. So a third-party app is needed, and Office Plus touts itself as one of the most popular. But is it a good replacement for iWork or other office suites?

When you first open Office Plus, it isn't immediately obvious what you should do, a major issue for a lot of portable office tools. Either necessary functions are hidden, or too many functions are presented at once, creating a logjam on the start screen. Office Plus offers a very helpful tutorial (just tap the help button on the bottom right at any time) that will guide you through the use of any one feature, which we recommend for everyone (even seasoned users of work-related tools) to help ease the learning curve. You can quickly create folders, move files from anywhere on your device, and open or create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations using the standard .doc(x), .xls(x), and .ppt(x) formats. This is very important if you plan on sharing the files with another computer or with another PC user.

You can do quite a bit with this very compact app, which offers dropbox functionality, the ability to share across multiple devices, and quick editing between devices. Office Plus may never replace a full version of any of the three software tools it emulates, but for an iPhone substitute, it is very powerful.

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