myRingtoneCreator 2.0 Review

Create ringtones with the songs on your phone or tablet.

Today, it's easier than ever to download a song or convert a song you already have to a ringtone for use on your phone. The App Store is filled with tools that promise to do this on autopilot and myRingtoneCreator is one such option; but the overly intrusive ads are very distracting.

In fact, the first thing you'll probably notice about myRingtoneCreator is just how many ads appear when you open the app. Two separate pop-up ads appear that need to be closed before you can access the main menu, and then there are two large, animated banners at the top and bottom of the screen. It's very easy to accidentally open an ad rather than click on a menu option. To top it off there is an upgrade button, and a more apps button -- both of which try to get you to buy something. The only button that actually does anything in the app is the "Start" button, which accesses your music library and asks which song to turn into a ringtone. We might have been willing to forgive the ads but in our tests we experienced numerous crashes, with many songs simply refusing to convert to ringtones and crashing the app back to the home screen. Others worked but not as well as they should have.

Overall, it was a very hit-or-miss experience, and even when it did work, the resulting ringtones were not always up to the standards of the original song. If you are interested in ringtones for your phone, there are quite a few good apps out there. This app is too full of ads and the performance, too spotty to recommend, however.

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