Music Maker Lite 1.3 Review

Create a cacophony of sound with this amusing, if slightly grating music-playing app.

Every now and then an app is released that is clearly going to be a big hit with children, while simultaneously finding a way to grate on the nerves of the parents who are brave enough to download it. Music Maker Lite comes dangerously close to being such an app, providing just enough features to make a whole lot of noise, but not nearly enough to do anything productive with those sounds.

When you start the app, Music Maker Lite shows one option -- start playing. Playing the game consists of tapping one of many instruments. After tapping an instrument, it plays until you tap it again. There are a handful of such instruments, and while they don't make a bad sound when played in any combination, it can get quite noisy, which will clearly be a big selling point for the kids, if not the adults forced to listen. Built for preschoolers, it is creatively engaging, shows the basic functions of many musical instruments, and gives users plenty of options to play with.

Music Maker Lite is fairly limited in that it will only be enjoyable until a child demands more creative control over the produced sounds; but for those just learning, it's a noisy but fun way to get familiar with the basics.

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