MobiGreen Premium 1.2 Review

Block and control which Web sites your children access with this premium Web service.

The iPad and iPhone are both incredibly popular devices, extremely useful for children of all ages, and increasingly common as standard devices in households around the world. But parental controls for Safari are very limited and that makes it hard for parents to monitor or control what children have access to. With so many unsavory sites online, a tool like MobiGreen Premium becomes more important than ever.

MobiGreen Premium is essentially a Web browser that you can download to your child's iPhone or iPad that will integrate with one of many third-party filtering services that use NetProtector or another compatible mobile filtration tool. If you already use a third-party filter for your desktop or laptop computers, MobiGreen Premium allows you to install the same filters on the portable devices being used by your children. The browser, itself, is surprisingly powerful, featuring robust history, sharing, and multipage features that make it easy to switch from Safari without losing any necessary tools. Browsing speed is fast and it is fully compatible with any sites that are supported in Safari.

If you have children who actively use their iPhones or iPads to browse content online, at home or out of the house, then you need a tool like MobiGreen Premium. As a trusted tool in this field, and with one of the best filter-supporting, third-party browsers on the App Store, this is a great tool to secure those devices against content you'd rather they didn't have access to.

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