Maxis F1 2013 for iPad 1.4 Review

Keep track of the world's biggest racing events with this incredibly powerful app.

The F1 Circuit starts in early March and lasts until late November, covering six continents and dozens of races. It is consistently one of the most popular events in the world and the sheer volume of information about it is overwhelming if consumed from multiple sources. That's why Maxis F1 2013 is such an incredible app; it succinctly organizes and presents every relevant piece of information about F1 you could ever need, whether as a fan or a racing enthusiast.

The app opens to an array of information, including a countdown clock to the next race, a list of all the races in the current season, recent news stories, and the points standing by Driver and by Team. You can tap on any item on the screen and immediately access additional information. You can choose to see times in local time (yours) or the actual time it will occur at the race site. Most information loads quickly, users can jump between almost any menu with the tap of a button, and the sheer volume of data accessible by the app (through Maxis' servers) is incredible. If you are an F1 fan, this is the ultimate resource to keep track of the sport.

There are very few issues with this app. Certain menus have not yet been updated for the 2013 season, the Maxis servers do not always respond immediately, and the news feed has a habit of updating slowly, but these are all very small quibbles that in no way detract from how well made this app is and how much information it gives you access to. If you enjoy F1 and have an iPad, this app is a must.

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