Math: Decimals Subtraction Free 1.1 Review

Help your child learn to subtract decimals with the fun and easy-to-play games in this app.

Math is very exact and there is no give or play to it. You solve a problem and get the answer. In order to be instructional and amusing a math-related game must integrate that very same level of accuracy into an interface that is enjoyable to play over and over again. That's what Math: Decimals Subtraction attempts to do, and for the most part, the game succeeds quite well.

Math: Decimals Subtraction starts up much like many games. You enter your name, choose a character, and even select the clothes you want the character to wear. The home screen is an image of the avatar's room and each menu is an object or piece of furniture in that room. There are scoreboards, leaderboards, and more, but the core of the experience is the gaming. After completing a warm-up, students will tackle challenges that pit them against the clock (or scary monsters), to solve subtraction problems that involve decimals. To make it more recreational, they can compete actively against their previous high scores.

The games perform well, though some bugs mar the controls, which are not always responsive enough. That said, Math: Decimals Subtraction is a great free game with enough charm and energy in it to keep many children actively engaged with their math lessons as they learn the concepts. The paid version is necessary to play the higher-level games, but the extra games are well worth it for the added learning that they provide.

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