Math: Decimals Multiplication Free 1.1 Review

Help your child master multiplication of decimals with this engaging iOS app.

Math assignments can be dull and most children would rather play video games or watch movies. With Math: Decimals Multiplication, they can finally do at least one of those while practicing their math homework, and the results are pretty good.

There is some setup involved, so you might need to lend a helping hand as the game starts up. First, they enter a name, before choosing an avatar and outfit for that avatar. From there, they are asked to complete a short warm-up exam, and then the games unlock. The games are unique and thematic, though the actual math is very much the same as in the warm-up. However, the engaging layout should help keep their interest much longer than simple numbers on a sheet of paper. We did experience a few minor hiccups with the app, but they didn't detract from the game, overall.

While the core game is free, the additional games are in-app purchases. The cost is small, and most parents will pay it happily if their child enjoys learning math like this. So if you are eager for a tool that will help you make math more fun for your child, this is a great place to start.

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