Math: Decimals Division Free 1.1 Review

Help your child study and enjoy math using this intuitive decimal training game.

The concrete nature of math and its focus on dry numbers and decimals make it hard to really engage students who are not already interested in the subject. So games like Math: Decimals Division are a welcome tool for any parent that wants to really inspire their child to try harder. While you'll need to pay up for more than the basics, and we found a few minor bugs in the app, we can agree that this is a good game for adding some fun to study sessions.

Before you get started, you'll need to create a profile, choose an avatar, and even select clothing for that avatar. The initial warm-up is fairly dull, but once it is completed, you'll unlock the first of a handful of games. The game, itself, is engaging and will keep your child occupied; but controls are not always intuitive and the games can be buggy at times, so you may need to spend a little extra time helping out. Frustration is not what you want when your child is finally ready to engage with a math game. The only downside is that if your child really enjoys the app, you'll need to ante up to add more games to the mix.

However, if your child enjoys the basic games, the layout is well designed, and the addition of leaderboards makes it more engaging as a whole. This is a good game with a few small hiccups. If those hiccups don't get in the way of your child's learning experience, you'll find Math: Decimals Division to be a good study aid.

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