Math: Decimals Addition Free 1.1 Review

Help your children learn to add decimals with well-crafted, math-oriented games.

Studying math is not high on the list of exciting activities for some children. So with Math Decimals: Addition, developer Mango Learning attempts to make learning decimals and their addition not only more fun, but also engaging.

When you turn the app on, you are prompted to enter a name and choose an avatar (male or female). You can then choose what clothes that character will wear (changeable at any time), a fun touch that makes Math Decimals: Addition even more fun. You're prompted to first complete a warm-up round, but afterwards, there are several games to play that involve solving math puzzles as quickly as possible in order to achieve a high score. Additional games unlock with paid upgrades to the app. Overall, the games are a great way to engage young learners, but in many cases the controls were less than responsive and the interface was a bit muddled.

That said, despite a few minor issues, Math Decimals: Addition does a good job of trying to add fun to the learning process, making it more than just another study app.

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