Logic For Preschoolers 1.0 Review

Help your children complete various types of logic puzzles with this engaging app.

On the surface, Logic For Preschoolers is a deceptively simple app. The name makes it sound like one of those DVDs designed to enhance brain power in young children and the interface looks as bare bones as it can get. Yet under the surface, Logic for Preschoolers is a well-rounded, feature-rich app that preschoolers will find intriguing and parents will enjoy for its no-frills approach to teaching basic concepts and logic ideas to young children.

The app consists of six categories, each with 15 to 20 questions. The questions involve recognizing the relationship between two pictures and then filling in a blank. So there might be a baby duck picture pointing to an adult duck, then a baby chicken picture, and finally a blank spot. The child must pick one of four pictures to fill the spot -- in this case, the correct answer is the adult chicken. There are logic puzzles for animals, directions, arrangement, colors, numbers, and various combinations, teaching a wide array of different concepts in many different ways. The scoring is basic and children can compete against their previous high scores as they progress.

Logic For Preschoolers is a very simple, feature-light app but the concept is sound and provides a number of opportunities for a child between two and four to practice learning ideas that will be pervasive in the coming years. If your child enjoys learning apps or you simply want something more intellectually- stimulating than cartoons or Disney games, Logic For Preschoolers is definitely worth a try.

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