Learner Log Book 1.4 Review

Log your drives, distance, and time spent in the car with this app.

Learning to drive can be a stressful experience that involves more than just learning the rules and understanding how to maneuver a car. Learner Log Book attempts to make the process easier by providing a timer and odometer tool to quickly track your hours in the car for the purpose of acquiring your license. While it is somewhat limited in scope, it might help new drivers focus more on actual driving instead of just tracking their time.

The app is very simple upon opening. There are minimal blocks -- one with the time, one showing your start and stop times, and one allowing you to start or stop the timer. Simply tap the start button and it will ask you for the starting kilometers; and when you're ready to end the drive, simply tap the end button and it will ask you for the final number. All recordings are entered to a History so that you can review and add up total time behind the wheel and kilometers driven. This all works as intended, but without any way to make notes about what a drive entailed, what was practiced, or where it was completed, the app is fairly limited. A simple notebook or the notes app on your phone would provide a similar resource.

The app functions as promised without any bugs and with minimal ad interference, but the actual feature list is fairly small. Still, anything that helps new drivers stay organized is well worth trying out.

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