iSuperMic Free 1.7 Review

Use the powerful mics on your iPhone or iPad to listen in from far away.

There are quite a few features on the iPad and iPhone that many don't even realize exist, or that we take for granted. The microphone is one such feature. iSuperMic Free takes the microphone to a new level, enhancing the volume of voices so you can hear them more easily. This simple, free app is a surprisingly adept tool at capturing sound that you might otherwise miss.

There won't be a learning curve using iSuperMic Free. It's so easy to use that user guidance isn't really necessary. The interface is clean and simple, with large buttons to turn up the volume, mute, and filter out static. Those with impaired hearing may use it to listen to a TV or radio broadcast via headphones, or in a lecture hall where a teacher's voice may not always reach the back row. There are some limitations on voice filters and level controls in the free version, but for simply clarifying what someone is saying, the basics may be all you need.

We found iSuperMic to be surprisingly powerful, easy to use, and mostly free of static and feedback. If you are interested in using your phone as a hearing amplifier, this is a solid app with good results.

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