iNumbers: Count 1.101 Review

Master this simple yet intricate math puzzle to get a high score.

The concept behind iNumbers Count is simple enough. Match two or more adjacent numbers to total 10. But the execution of the game combined with the sublime interface makes this one of the more pleasantly surprising games we've had the opportunity to review in recent weeks. Not a big budget production, nor particularly unique in its core mechanic, it still manages to create an engaging, addictive experience that gamers will greatly enjoy.

The core mechanic is simple. The screen is filled with a series of numbers between zero and nine. Swipe your finger across two or more numbers to total 10. The actual number you swipe will be added to your score. So, if you swipe your finger across nine, then one, then zero, zero, zero, zero, the game will add 910,000 to your score. However, every time you swipe a zero it is removed from the game board. So it will start to shrink and your high-score opportunities will diminish. At the same time, if you only match two numbers, for example seven and three, those numbers will not disappear, but will go down by one. You still get 71 added to your score, and in the place of the seven and three you get a six and a two. If you do this with a one, it will turn into a zero.

We noticed a handful of bugs in the game, including a game-breaking video crash error when accessing one of the language menus, but the game, itself, played perfectly each time through. The core mechanics are extremely well developed, and for math lovers and match game players alike, iNumbers Count promises to offer hours of enjoyment.

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