iFileExplorer HD 5.19 Review

Quickly and easily transfer files between computers and your iPad device with this simple app.

There are quite a few file transfer tools on the App Store. The concept is simple and the technology makes the execution easy enough. Enter a URL on your computer's browser and you can access your iPhone or iPad while the app is open. You can then move files back and forth with relative ease. In these core functions, iFileExplorer HD performs very well. The load time is near instant, the transfer speed is fast, and file access is simple.

However, iFileExplorer HD goes above and beyond similar apps with additional features that make it well worth your attention. First, it maintains a recent file list on your home screen, making it very easy to access files quickly. When transferring files to your computer, you can create new folders or text files, take photos with your camera, or access your photo library for quick transfers. You can also integrate with Dropbox, Google Docs, or a WebDAV server of your choice (if you have the URL). Combined with remembered network places, iFileExplorer makes it very easy and very quick to share files between your device and any other machine or account attached to your log-ins.

If you need a file transfer tool for your iPad, look no further than iFileExplorer. Some small quibbles, such as the bare-bones interface or the lack of some support functions if there is an issue, may bother some users, but for most others, this app provides nearly everything you could need for getting files between your computer and iPad.

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