Hybrid Clock 1.1 Review

Make your iPad a centerpiece with this attractive, well-constructed clock app.

There are quite a few clock apps on the App Store for the iPad. Since the iPad doesn't have a built-in clock or timer app, any of these is a useful addition to the device, and because of its large 10" retina display, it can make a nice addition to your mantle when you have guests. But not all clock apps look or operate the same. Some are pretty enough but have no additional functions and others would be very useful if they weren't covered in ads.

So Hybrid Clock is a unique app in many ways, first because it is free and has no ads on it, and second because it actually looks very cool and has several features that make it functional. The app opens with a black screen and white numbers. The large, artistically-presented numbers take the place of the hour and minute hands and turn clockwise, revealing the time. A smaller red number indicates the seconds. This looks nice, but you can enhance the tool further by tapping the red dot in the center. You can also create reminders for upcoming events. While it doesn't integrate with your calendar, it can be a great tool for announcing dinner or reminding you to turn on the TV.

Hybrid Clock is not a full-featured clock app. It lacks timers, stopwatches, and multiple alarms, and integration with calendar events. But it looks nice, has alarms, and is free, so as a centerpiece it is a good choice. We highly recommend it for anyone seeking a stylish new clock app.

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