FaceClock with Calendar 2.0.5 Review

Enjoy the sleek design and intuitive interface of this very well-crafted iPad clock app.

There are quite a few clock apps in the iPad App Store, and the reason is simple enough. The iPad makes a perfect desktop or mantle top clock. It's compact, pretty, and can keep accurate time for hours (or longer when plugged into a dock). On the mantle, in a dock, your iPad can make a nice addition to the d?cor of your living room. So there are quite a few apps that attempt to capitalize on that, including FaceClock with Calendar.

The app, itself, is quite attractive. Like most iPad clocks, the back is black and the clock hands and hour markers are white. You can turn the second hand on or off and below it there is a surprisingly attractive multicolored calendar. The one issue, at first glance, is that, because this is a free app, you'll also see an ad at the bottom. It is small, but it severely detracts from an app that looks so pretty otherwise. Options are robust, however, including the option to change numbers and the second hand on and off, change the calendar layout, change the background color, or turn off the idle timer (that will shut off your screen).

If you like FaceClock with Calendar, the upgrade is only $0.99 and the app is powerful enough to warrant it, if you know you will use it regularly as a part of your desktop or house.

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