Dinner Dash Animal Letters World for Toddlers 5.0 Review

Attempt to teach your child new letters with this uneven, poorly-constructed app.

The iPad is a natural learning device for toddlers and preschoolers. It is practically made for little fingers to swipe and pinch across games and learning apps as they absorb letters, numbers, and stories. But there is a very wide range of quality among toddler-oriented apps. Some are sublime and well- thought out. Others are obvious cash-in attempts directed at unaware parents. Dinner Dash Animal Letters World for Toddlers falls into the second category.

In fact, Dinner Dash Animal Letters is such a feature-barren app that it's hard to know exactly what its purpose is. The game essentially shows a runner frozen in place on a dirt road with letters floating above her. Your child must tap those letters and the game will read them aloud. They then disappear. When all the letters are gone, they reappear. That's it. There is no progression, the runner doesn't actually move, and to top it off, there is an ad in the lower left corner the entire time. The issue of ads in toddler apps aside (make sure they don't tap anything!), the game doesn't do anything beyond those first few letters and the robotic voice doesn't add much flare to the experience.

There are some very good apps for the iPad that will help toddlers and preschoolers learn their letters. This is not one of them. Dinner Dash Animal Letters World offers very little beyond its core 30 seconds of functionality and we cannot imagine even a toddler finding enjoyment here.

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