ColorSay 1.20 Review

Match the color of any object you can find with the powerful features of this app.

The camera built into your iPad and iPhone is so powerful that it is being used to facilitate assistance for the blind, for photo recognition, and for product recognition in stores. It's an incredibly powerful tool and ColorSay puts it to great use for anyone that either wants to replicate a color shade or that suffers from some degree of color blindness.

The concept is very simple. The app has a reticle that focuses on colors as you move the camera around you. Every color it focuses on, it will identify and then name aloud. You can turn on either text and audio or audio only, and there are options for a wide match or a pinpoint match for smaller samples. In either case, the app is extremely responsive, not only in accurately gauging the color of almost everything we pointed it at, but also in retrieving that information and reading it back near instantly. The database must be built into the app, based on the speed at which it operates, and with the exception of "white," it was almost always accurate to within a shade or two.

If you are color blind, a designer, or simply find these kinds of bio-enhancement apps extremely fascinating, ColorSay is a very cool, very effective app that we highly recommend. It's responsive, accurate, and works very well with the powerful cameras in both your iPad and iPhone.

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