Coloring Shapes for Toddlers FREE 1.0.2 Review

Tap and color shapes of various sizes in this uneven, dangerously ad-filled app.

To be sure, more parents than ever before are using electronic devices like their iPads and iPhones to entertain young children. These amazing devices are tailor-made for kids to swipe and tap games or movies. But some of the games, developed specifically for toddlers and other preschool-age children, utilize certain shortcuts that can present problems.

One such game is Coloring Shapes for Toddlers. The app is fairly straightforward in that, once you open it, you press the "Touch to Color!" button and can start coloring one of many shapes. Tap a color and the brush and start coloring with your finger -- very simple. However, the shapes themselves are very limited and the overall design seems out of date. Each page is literally one shape -- probably entertaining for a young child, but not for long. The biggest issue becomes the ads and access to in-app, paid products. The app is free, but a big "unlock" button on the homepage and an ad that sits front and center atop the screen are both risky when letting a toddler use any app.

Combined with a lack of features, minimal coloring options, and a dated interface, Coloring Shapes for Toddlers will prove entertaining for only the youngest of children, and likely not for very long. If your child enjoys doodling on your iPad, this might be a good free download, but beware of the ads and in-app purchases.

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