Coloring Book for Toddlers FREE 1.0.3 Review

Entertain your child with intuitive coloring book pages in this free iPad app.

The iPad and coloring books are a match made in heaven. Coloring, which has kept children around the globe amused for generations, translates very well to the lap-size screen and finger-oriented interface. Coloring Book for Toddlers attempts to capitalize on that perfect fit and does so quite well in many ways, though not without some issues.

Coloring Book for Toddlers is exactly as it sounds. Open the app and you can choose from four coloring book categories. Only the first -- animals -- is unlocked in the free version, but there are quite a few pictures in each coloring book that any toddler would be thrilled to see. The addition of ads within the coloring pages, however, feels unnecessary, especially considering who will be using this app. However, the interface is well designed, providing numerous color options, a color and erase button, and the option to save any one picture in its current state to your photo library.

If you have a young child who is begging to play with your iPad or if you want to give them a coloring option that doesn't involve lugging around a bag full of crayons wherever you go, give Coloring Book for Toddlers a shot. The limitations and ads are an issue and it could use some additional pages for each category, but as a core coloring experience it performs quite well.

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