Clock in Word 1.2 Review

Convert your iPad clock to words in multiple languages with this brilliantly- executed app.

Just when you thought developers had thought of every way to deliver a clock app for the iPad, along comes Clock in Word. This simple, very intuitive app takes the idea of a designer clock on your iPad to the next level with careful integration of words across the screen, second displays, and multiple languages and colors.

You don't need to do anything to set up the app. It uses the onboard clock to set the time and will even spell it out on the screen. So at 12:05, it will highlight the words "It is five past twelve o'clock". You can double tap the screen and it will show the seconds in the words as they light up. Swipe the screen and you can change to another language, including Russian, Italian, Spanish, German, and French. The color bar at the bottom allows you to choose from one of 10 colors, and the Help bar will show you exactly how to change all of these things. With no ads or upgrades included, it is a very clean app. The only major issue we had was the fact that you'll want to turn off the audio at a certain point because of the constant recitation of the time.

But that is only a minor issue when you consider how cool this app really is. This is one of the most interesting, creative tools we've seen for displaying the time on an iPad.

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