Browser with Note for iPad 130318 Review

Jot a memo as you browse the Web in this uneven, feature-lacking app.

The idea behind Browser with Note for iPad is good. Add a memo box to a browser so users can jot notes while browsing, instead of flipping back and forth between Safari and a note app. However, the execution is lacking in many ways, and this app, which is devoid of features, is clogged with a space- stealing ad, and buggy on more than a handful of Web sites.

When you open the new browser, you'll be greeted with a Google landing page, back button, address bar, memo box, and "mail" button. The idea is that as you browse the Web, you can add notes to the memo box and then mail them to someone, along with a URL of whatever page you are on. These functions work fine in this app, but beyond that the app is very limited. There is no search box, no settings, no forward button, and no bookmark button. And worst of all there is a big banner ad laid over the bottom 15 percent of the screen; not below the screen, but on top of it, blocking text.

If this app were properly executed it would fill a need for a lot of people who do frequent browsing for research along with note-taking. But until improvements are made, you'll need to stick to your app-switching for note- taking.

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