Alarm Clock: The Alarm App 2.0 Review

Get the most from your alarm clock app with this rich, attractive app.

The iPhone alarm is one of the most used in the world -- waking up millions of people every day, probably with the same blaring horn. However, it is not very customizable and lacks a lot of the tools and charm you'd expect from an Apple product. It's all function and very little design. That's why an app like Alarm Clock: The Alarm App is so enticing. It allows you to customize a number of settings, add an alarm to your phone that goes beyond the basics, and even lets you change from a blaring horn to the music of your choice.

Upon starting, you'll be greeted by the time and date, along with a battery meter. This will remain on as long as the app is open -- and is surprisingly battery-friendly, even with the screen on. You can change the alarm to go into night mode, in which it takes on a washed-out, black and white look that is simply stunning. Brightness can also be adjusted from inside the app to keep it from glowing on your wall all night. With a built-in flashlight and the ability to choose your own music for an alarm, this is a very powerful app. Other features include a "shake to snooze" feature, automated "night-mode," and customizable playlists that can be set to run and turn off as you go to sleep.

Alarm Clock: The Alarm App is by far the most powerful alarm clock app we've seen from the App Store. It is feature-rich, attractive, and reliable -- everything you could want from an alarm to replace the utilitarian one included with the iPhone. This app is a must-have for anyone tired of the limited, existing options on your phone.

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