3ColorsMixer 1.0.2 Review

Find the perfect color combination using this simple iOS app.

If you are a designer or developer and are constantly trying to find the perfect hue, or adjust for small changes in the design of a Web site, banner, or brochure, you know how hard it can be to find a useful tool on the go. That's why an app like 3Colors Mixer can be so helpful. It's free and immediately allows you to adjust and test different saturation levels of all three primary colors to determine the right hex value for your current project.

3ColorsMixer is very easy to use. It has three sliders -- one for each color -- and a hex value output showing what the color value is. You can quickly reverse any color with the Reverse button, or you can save your current color selection with a text field to any of a number of categories, allowing you to create numerous references for later. The app is free, and while it has an option to upgrade and remove ads, we found no ads in the version we used for testing. That makes it a good value for anyone that needs a color mixer or checker on the go.

This is not a color-matching tool in that you cannot load an image or take a photo and match the colors in it to a hex value. However, if you need a quick reference tool that will always be on you, 3ColorsMixer is a fantastic tool.

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