Zombie Splash! Review

Match three or more zombie heads to get the high score in just one minute.

When a game mechanic works well, you're likely to see it in as many places as possible. Other designers and genres will borrow liberally from what has already been successful, and such is the case with Zombie Splash! Yet another take on the match-three genre of games that fill the App Store, Zombie Splash! brings little new to the table, while attempting to capitalize on the popularity of the zombie trend.

The game is very simple and likely familiar to anyone who has played a match-three game before, like Candy Crush Saga or Bejeweled. You are presented with a board of zombie faces and you must match them by color. There are four colors and they will often align in different chains. The longer the chain, the more points you will receive. Unlike other matching games, though, the heads are the same except for the color -- using the same person's "zombie-fied" face. Additionally, new blocks don't drop down. The old ones are simply replaced by new colors, making it hard to imagine how strategy can be developed to create longer chains. You get one minute to reach a high score; but with minimal strategy and no power ups, the game provides little incentive to play beyond a handful of rounds, because your score will rarely get any higher.

There is room for a game like Zombie Splash! The concept is sound and there are many people who would enjoy swapping and matching zombie heads instead of jewels or pieces of candy. But the execution of this game doesn't do the genre justice. It lacks depth or challenge and ultimately feels half finished. If you are eager to find a better zombie game, there are plenty in the App Store to choose from.

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