The Moron Test 2 Review

Think fast, but carefully, in this detailed and fun measure of your brainpower.

The Moron Test 2 is not the first app on the App Store to use the types of tests included here, but it is one of the most complete and rewarding, with a unique design, multiple tests to try your hand at, and few, if any, cheap answers that will create losing rounds. If you enjoy apps that force you to pay attention and simultaneously push your brain to really think hard, this is a must download.

The Moron Test 2 essentially runs a series of short yet rarely easy mini-games in each of the three game modes. You must answer correctly, often in a way that is counter-intuitive, to continue. If you miss a question, you must start over at the last checkpoint and you have only three chances. Some questions are simple in theory: "How many red balloons were there?" while others are tricky: "Press the diamond and then the square" (hint: it's the same shape). However, the questions manage to never be unfair and the cute nature of the game and its characters will keep you coming back for more, again and again.

The one tough thing about games like this is that the questions are always the same. While the Moron Test 2 has three tests, once you master all three, you will know all of the answers. You can improve your time, but the thrill of outsmarting the game will be long gone. Nonetheless, that will take time and in the meanwhile, it is challenging, extremely rewarding, and a lot of fun to play with both family and friends; it is a great brain training app for the iPad.

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