The Glowing Void 3 Review

Create voids, dodge energy bullets, and master your space with this ingenious new game.

For the first few minutes we spent playing The Glowing Void 3, we weren't quite sure what the goal was. There was no tutorial and the "obvious" (i.e. wrong) action kept getting us killed. When we finally found the instructions, the game became a revelation, providing a unique spin on the block-breaking concept that it is built on. With five different game modes, dozens of ways to win (and lose), and a fair difficulty arc that really challenges your reflexes and thought speed, this is a very solid and enjoyable iOS game.

The game's core concept is simple. Hold your finger down to create expanding circular voids on the game screen. To defeat a level, you must fill 70 percent of the screen with these voids. However, there are energy balls flying around the screen at any given time. The first level has only one ball, but the number increases as you rise in levels. If the ball touches your void as you are creating it, the void is destroyed and you lose one of your three lives. The voids become impermeable when you let go, but if you let go too soon they stay very small. You need to not only be quick, but have a keen understanding of the physics of those balls bouncing around the screen. Combined with four additional game modes including Survival (don't get hit at all), Dodger (drag the void to dodge three energy balls), and then a Gamer and Speed mode, Glowing Void is a fantastic game, especially for a free one.

With the exception of a handful of intrusive ads, The Glowing Void is exactly what you want from an iOS game. It is fast paced, intuitive, and has enough game modes to keep you playing for weeks if not months, even after you defeat the original range of levels. This is classic, arcade-style gaming put in touchscreen format and the result is fantastic. We highly recommend this game.

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