Simple Catapult Free Review

Take out robots in wood houses with this strikingly familiar physics game.

The most popular iOS game of all time is Angry Birds, a combination of simple puzzler and semi-intuitive physics that can be played between stops on the train and is extremely popular in all of its many forms. So it's no surprise to see a game like Simple Catapult Free, an obvious riff on the Angry Birds formula, in the App Store. The question, of course, is whether the game is unique enough to warrant a download all its own or if you are safe sticking with the tried-and-true Rovio formula.

Simple Catapult uses rocks instead of birds and the targets are some kind of robot, so there are no birds and pigs here, but the actual gameplay is near identical. You use your slingshot to throw rocks across the screen and destroy wooden structures, inside of which are robots that presumably did something to warrant all that violence. The game is relatively forgiving as far as where you hit (wood beams tend to explode when the rock hits them), but it is in a very early stage of development. Missing are any menus, difficulty settings, upgrades, or unlockables. You play until you lose and then the game resets, putting you back on the first level.

Were Simple Catapult Free to have been released before Angry Birds, it would have been an interesting new idea, but as is, it is a very watered-down version of a very well-known formula. For this alone, we see no reason to download it instead of the game that inspired it, or even one of the other knockoffs that has more features and functions to keep you busy. It is free and there are no ads, but it simply lacks enough to be considered a complete gaming experience.

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