Protect the city in Reflect Robo

Keep your robot between the city and the energy attacks from above.

Many games in the App Store are more or less polished-up versions of old formulas. They take a game genre or mechanic and put it into a new, shinier coat of paint so that it appeals to modern audiences. Sometimes this works and other times it fails. In the case of Reflect Robo, it falls somewhere between the two. A clear throwback to the days of breakout and other Pong-like games, Reflect Robo has enough charm of its own to be an enticing free iOS app.

The concept is very simple. You are a robot flying in combat with another robot or fortress. The fortress-robot fires at you and your job is to reflect those shots back at the robot before they hit the city you are reflecting. Your robot is fairly big and all you need to do is touch the shots to keep them from hitting your city; but despite the early simplicity, the game eventually gets much tougher. You'll be flicking your robot across the screen to hit your opponents, and sometimes they are much smaller, so you'll be doing it for longer before you complete a level and move to the next.

There is a degree of forgiveness to the game, of course. A certain number of shots can hit the city behind you and it will stay alive, but if too many shots get through on any one of the bosses you face, the game will be over and you will return to the beginning and your score will reset. While there are no menus other than one to check your game center ranking against other players, the game looks polished and, despite it being free, there are no ads or intrusive screens to contend with. It's very simple, yes, but despite that, Reflect Robo has a certain charm to it and is a good distraction when in need of a quick gaming fix.

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