Record and track receipts with Receipts HD

Digitize your receipts by scanning, noting, and recording, before storing to the cloud.

In the Digital Age, receipts are more frustrating and harder to keep track of than ever before. They get lost easily and are time consuming to record and file away. So anything that helps to digitize them faster and consolidate them into a single storage space is a useful tool. Receipts HD is just such a tool, providing a number of options for saving, scanning, and recording your receipts. There are some severe limitations, but if you are in the app's target demographic, this tool could be very useful for you.

At first glance, Receipts HD looks needlessly complicated. With a cluttered user interface and numerous options for how to record receipts, you'll spend a few minutes at least learning how to save any one receipt. With time, it becomes easier as you learn which features you need and which you don't. It's very similar to powerful accounting tools for businesses; it has everything because someone somewhere will need all of those tools. The features and support however are exceptional, allowing you to save receipts as images, record yourself with an audio note, sync your data to a cloud server, and add any amount of notes for the receipt to your app.

If you own or operate a business and need an iPad app that has every possible tool you will need to record and manage your receipts, this may be it. With the ability to upload to numerous cloud accounts, including Dropbox,, and Evernote, and with dozens of features to save notes, recordings, images, and more, you can keep track of nearly everything with this app. For those on the run, it may be a bit too robust, but for business owners, especially, it is highly recommended.

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