Drive to the hoop with NBA2K13

Run the court and dominate your opponents in the App Store's best basketball sim.

For years, when it came to basketball video games, the 2K series of NBA titles has been at the top. On consoles it has consistently ranked among the best sports games on the market, and now, with a full featured mobile edition of the game, it is taking on the tablet and phone space on the App Store. While NBA 2K13 cannot live up to the full potential of the series as realized on a living room gaming console, it is still very compelling and fun to play on a tablet or iPhone.

After installation, you'll notice most of the same game modes and features are intact from the console edition of the game, minus some of the more advanced management features. You can choose to play in classic mode (using simulated joysticks and buttons on the screen) or with a one-finger touch mode. The one-finger touch mode is much needed in games like this, but the execution is still lacking to some degree; in many cases the gestures are misinterpreted and in others, they make the game just a bit too simple. These are small quibbles, though, because even in one-finger mode, the offensive and defensive game modes are intact and your speed and mastery of the game can shine through when competing against human opponents over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The game looks amazing, too, showcasing the true power of the newest iOS devices.

With small touches like the full soundtrack from the other 2K games, roster updates, online play, and more, NBA 2K13 is the far and away best basketball game currently available on the App Store. If you have not yet played this game and are a fan of the NBA or basketball in general, download the Lite version at the very least and see what 2K has managed to do with the tablet edition -- it's quite impressive.

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