Track your classes and lessons with Lessons Schedule

Keep track of your lessons, classes, and teachers with a robust, feature-rich lesson planner that syncs to Dropbox.

For teachers and students alike, the iPad is a perfect timekeeper. With its robust suite of built-in tools and endless supply of options and apps, it can easily keep track of your projects, classes, exams, and teachers in a single space. Of course, most apps are not designed for this type of tracking, so a tool like Lessons Schedule is much needed. But does this app perform as needed in that role? For the most part it does, with a few minor exceptions.

Upon opening, if you have a Dropbox account (and the app installed), Lessons Schedule will attempt to create a new App folder. It doesn't access any of your other data in Dropbox, so we recommend creating it, for ease of syncing data. From there, you can start adding your lesson schedules, teachers, exams, lessons, and even buildings. There are half a dozen menus on the left side of the screen to choose from, each of them linked to the others to create a comprehensive overview of your day once the schedule is completed. The interface is simplistic and it will take time to fill everything in, but once done, we found Lessons Schedule to be a very robust timekeeper, with reminders and note locations that work without being intrusive.

If you need an app designed specifically for keeping track of your classes, schoolwork, and teachers/buildings, we highly recommend Lessons Schedule. This is a powerful, all-in-one app that doesn't drown you in features, but uses what is available to great effect. Conversely, because of how it is built, it is also a very effective tool for teachers keeping track of their schedules.

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