Harlem Shake and Moo Review

Dance and jump your way across a cityscape to the tunes of the Harlem Shake.

The Harlem Shake is no doubt a cultural phenomenon. What has pushed it so fast to the top of the YouTube charts is hard to tell, but if the volume of iOS apps on the App Store is any indication, it's the fad of the year. That said, not all of the apps created to capitalize on the trend are worth your time. Harlem Shake and Moo - Dance Fever is one such game.

The concept of the game is simple, if not ridiculous. You are a cow in a city filled with pits, platforms, and cowbells. Your character slides across the screen automatically and you must jump over everything that gets in your way. All the while, a toned down version of the Harlem Shake plays in the background as your cow dances along to it. During our play test, the game never reached an end point or level up; it was endless, and if you lost all of your cowbells (representing your lives), then you were forced to restart from the beginning.

The problem with a game like this is not that it is based on the Harlem Shake. It's that the game is lacking any sense of uniqueness or challenge. Because the obstacles are roughly the same as you progress and the cow moves at a constant pace, it's very easy to maintain a rhythm; but of course this is not a rhythm game so you're really just tapping the screen at random. There are many ways in which this game could be more fun, but as is, it lacks anything to help it stand out from the much higher quality endless runners and endless platformers on the App Store. If you are a huge fan of the Harlem Shake, it's worth a laugh or two, but for anyone else, we recommend you avoid it.

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