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Few dance trends have risen to the top of the online charts as fast or as inexplicably as the Harlem Shake. What makes it all the more unique is that the Harlem Shake is more than just a dance trend. It is a video trend. The song, itself, is a simple beat with almost no lyrics. The videos, however, are anything but. According to Harlem Shake - Create Your Own Shake! a video is described as a 15-second video of people going about their business while one person dances in a mask or helmet, followed by another 15-second clip of everyone going crazy, dressed in the strangest things they can find, dancing like mad.

The effect is simultaneously hilarious and eye-popping, as illustrated by the videos collected in this app. Gathered are roughly 30 videos of the Harlem Shake, including a Top 10 video list of the best ones currently in their database. YouTube has hundreds if not thousands more, but this is a great way to share a few with your friends if you are just discovering the trend. Of course, being on the iPad, you can create your own Harlem Shake as well. Simply follow the step-by-step process built into the app to create and compile a video of the shake in action. With the free app, your videos are stored to the app. You can share with a $0.99 upgrade as well.

If you enjoy the Harlem Shake, are interested in watching more videos of it, or would like to create your own with an iPad, then this is a great app. It's free, with only a single small ad bar at the top, and it contains quite a few videos and a great plug-and-play video creation tool.

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