Roast your enemies in Another Dragon HD

Protect your kingdom, destroy your enemies, and maneuver your dragon in this magical app.

Another Dragon HD is a unique, interesting game with a cute art style and plenty of features to keep you addicted for days. There are some issues, of course, ranging from occasionally unresponsive controls to a lack of clear direction after the first couple of levels. Those things aside, this is a very unique and well-executed game with music that fits the ambiance of the setting, characters that look at home in the game world, and a fun and occasionally funny art style that works quite well.

The idea of the game is simple. You are a dragon rider and must use your dragon to destroy enemies, kill enemy towers and protect your own. You can move your dragon easily across the screen by dragging the movement box from position to position. You can then fire at enemies by tapping them directly or holding down the dragon to charge up a larger attack. You have a certain amount of SP you can use to deal damage and you can summon human defenders which you can then drop on the battlefield to attack on your behalf. You start the game with one defender, but can buy more as you level up and earn more gold. After you complete each level, a hard version opens up or you can proceed to the next level in Normal mode.

The game is very well executed, with a well-delivered tutorial to start, fun, scaled levels that help you build up to harder content, and dozens of possible upgrades. Combined with the clever art design, fun music, and the plethora of levels and challenges, you will have fun playing Another Dragon HD for days if not weeks as you work your way to the higher levels. We highly recommend this game for anyone that enjoys quirky, medieval style dungeon games, without the dungeon.

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