My Day Planner is barebones as-is

Don't expect much unless you're willing to pay to upgrade.

If it weren't for lists, we would never get anything done. So it's crucial that we have a solid day planner that keeps us on top of our daily tasks. My Day Planner promises a "spiced up" planner that stands out from the crowd. The problem, however, is that each spice costs money, and without them, you're left with what is essentially a notebook and a calendar -- both of which you already have on your iPhone.

My Day Planner opens with what looks like a blank notebook page. An icon to access the calendar resides at the top of the screen, along with a Menu for promoting the app, and a More feature - we'll get to that in a bit. Creating a list is simply a matter of tapping a specific day on the calendar and then tapping the notebook page that appears to pull up your QWERTY keyboard. Each item that you add includes a blank check box. Once you've tackled a task, just tap the item and a check appears in the box and the item is highlighted in yellow. Now, as for the planner's uniqueness, well, that comes at a price. The More menu offers more highlighters, customized page and font color, and more. But each new feature that you add costs $.99, so this seemingly "free" app can actually be quite expensive, relatively speaking.

As is, My Day Planner works fine, though it doesn't differ that much from what your iPhone offers. We only recommend it if you're looking for a more visually customizable planner and don't mind paying the extra for it.

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