i-Schedule Free isn't worth the hassle

Be prepared to spend lots of time manually entering information.

Schedulers and planners are supposed to make life simpler by helping you be on time and on task. i-Schedule Free offers a slightly different take on a scheduler in that it's focused on school schedules. The problem, however, is that its user interface isn't well integrated, so it requires lots of input, making it more trouble than it's worth.

i-Schedule Free opens with a dragon design while you wait for the actual app features to load. From there, you're presented with nine different menu options that all require you to input some kind of information. Going from left to right, the Course option asks you to enter a course name. After that, you have to go to the Classroom option to enter a room name/number. After that, you have to manually input the teacher's name, the class time, the curriculum, assignment, and so on. Thankfully, as you progress, your previous entries pop up in a menu, so you can select them as you add more info on the class. But once you enter all of the information required for one class, there's no way to view all the information on one screen. For example, the Curriculum option shows you the class name, time, room number, teacher name, but you have to jump to the Assignment option to see your homework. It would be nice to view everything on a single page.

i-Schedule Free works okay, but, visually, it leaves lots to be desired. We recommend you skip this app and find a planner that is better integrated for easier navigation.

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