iActivity Monitor Free displays vital readings

Stay on top of iPhone usage with this handy app.

iActivity Monitor Free is a utility app that puts vital information regarding your iPhone right at your fingertips, including CPU usage, RAM and battery levels. And it does so in an attractive, easy-to-read interface.

iActivity Monitor Free gets right to work and opens with your iPhone's information on full display. At the top of the screen, the RAM information is displayed in a pie graph, and broken down into Free, Wired, Active, Inactive and Total amounts. Likewise, the CPU readings shows User, System, Idle, and Total usage. The battery level is shown as a percentage, and shows if your iPhone is plugged in or not. For a more specific battery reading, just tap the Battery menu option at the bottom of the screen. It shows your Estimated Work Time in hours and minutes. We checked the readings up against what our iPhone provides and all the information the app provided was accurate. The app does have a paid upgrade that offers more detailed information, but as-is, the app is very helpful.

If you're looking for quick, at-a-glance readings, you can't go wrong with iActivity Monitor Free. We recommend it for all users.

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