Handy Tools - Ruler is great to have on hand

Take measurements on the fly with this app.

We love utility apps that turn your iPhone into a Swiss Army knife of sorts (well, without the blade). Handy Tools - Ruler gives users a simple ruler for measuring objects on the fly. While not completely accurate, it's a great app for getting approximate measurements.

Handy Tools - Ruler cuts right to the chase and opens with an attractive ruler interface. The ruler has centimeters down one side and inches on the other; a simple tap of the switch button in the lower right corner flips the screen so you don't have to flip your phone. There are two ways to take measurements and each produces pretty good results. First, you can line your phone up with the object you want to measure, and then place your finger on the screen to hold your place as you slide the ruler to measure the rest of the object. Or, if you prefer, you can place your phone next to the object, and just tap the arrow to move the ruler as you move your phone down the length of the object. Just like a tape measure, a lock button prevents the ruler from sliding if you want to hold your place; a reset button does just that: it resets the ruler. Your phone's design prevents you from getting up close to your object, so it's hard to get an exact measurement, but you can eye it enough to get an approximation.

Perfect for handy people, designers, or anyone who needs to take quick measurements, Handy Tools - Ruler is a great app to have on hand. We recommend it for all users.

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