Drag the Rope Maze HD Free is puzzling

Skip this confusing puzzle game.

Drag the Rope Maze HD Free is a puzzle game that requires you to drag rope in various directions without retracing your steps. While we were intrigued by the game's premise, the actual gameplay was confusing and difficult to maneuver.

The first thing we noticed with Drag the Rope Maze was that English is obviously not the developers' first language; some of the wording a bit awkward and difficult to understand. For example, the directions stated, "Once you tie the rope, different way will appear." Huh? Thankfully, a hand pointed us in the direction we need to go and we dragged the tiny rope to the chock. But we found it difficult to use our fingertips to drag the rope to the precise location. Once we finally got the rope to the location, another line appeared and we dragged the rope to that spot. Once we finished, nothing spectacular happened to let us know that we were done or that we won something or that we could move to another level. In fact, when we tapped the arrow button, we were given the same puzzle. The interface includes a camera button for snapping pictures of your rope design, though we're not really sure why you'd want to do that. We tapped the key button in the right corner, hoping it would clue us in on what to do next, but it didn't bring up anything.

Drag the Rope Maze HD Free is a good idea with an execution that falls flat. We do not recommend this app.

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