Best Stopwatch & Timer isn't worth your time

Don't bother with this faulty clock app.

Some iPhone apps have a single focus, which is okay as long as they perform well. Best Stopwatch & Timer offers users a simple stopwatch, as well as the ability to add multiple timers. A glitch, however, caused the app to crash on us repeatedly, so we never got to see it actually do its full job.

Best Stopwatch & Timer opens with an extremely simple and intuitive interface. Three menu items line the top of the screen: Stopwatch, Timer, and Timers. The Stopwatch is what you'd expect, with a large clock display in the middle of your screen, and Start and Stop buttons below that. Once you tap Start, the button switches to Pause and Resume options. Stop resets the whole clock. The Timer offers a single, basic timer that, oddly, only counts down from one minute, though we would have liked the ability to customize it. We were most curious about the Timers feature, which is what sets this app apart from the iPhone's default Clock app. It lets you add multiple timers at once, and even configure them down to seconds, unlike the iPhone clock. We added two timers, each set to go off with custom music from our iTunes library. However, when we tapped the play button, the app crashed on us. Multiple attempts yielded the same result.

If you're going to design an app with a narrow focus, it's best to make sure it performs that job well. Best Stopwatch & Timer failed to impress and we can't recommend it.

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