Password Genie for Mac Review

Track your passwords securely using Password Genie for Mac.

Proper Internet security requires users to manage multiple, complex passwords. Password Genie for Mac automatically stores and saves passwords in one secure location, and is a good option for those using various passwords.

After the user accepts a user agreement, installation of Password Genie for Mac occurs seamlessly due to the well-designed, native installer. Upon startup, the program requires exiting any open Internet browser before beginning its set up. Users can initiate the program by signing in with a Google ID or by registering their e-mail address. While designed to run in the background during Web browsing, the interface is intuitive and easy to use, despite the lack of instructions. Technical support is good, with phone, email, and chat availability for addressing problems. Upon starting a browsing session, users are prompted to enter their password. During browsing, whenever a password is entered, the program asks whether it should be saved for later use, automatically. This is better than simply remembering information in a Web browser, since, with this program, other users will not be able to use the saved log-ins without the master password. The program's password retrieval worked well, without any bugs or programming glitches.

For those tired of writing down multiple passwords, Password Genie for Mac works well to securely store log-ins in one location.

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