Play karaoke files on your computer with MidiCo Karaoke Player and Maker for Mac

Play audio files and modify karaoke songs using MikiCo Karaoke Player and Maker for Mac.

Heavy audio users and those who like karaoke need specialized programs. MidiCo Karaoke Player and Maker for Mac purports to allow a number of karaoke related features, but its confusing interface and program glitches are problematic.

MidiCo Karaoke Player and Maker for Mac offers a free trial version, but playback is limited to two minutes. Unlocking the full version requires payment of $25.90. The program downloaded and installed quickly, which is expected from a small application. Upon startup, the application loads into a small window, which is difficult to interpret. After searching the drop-down menus, we found a link to the developer's page for instructions. These were set up in the form of YouTube videos, which did not explain the basic functioning of the program. Much trial and error was still required to determine how the program worked even after viewing the tutorials. In terms of functioning, audio files playback well and the user has the ability to change the characteristics of the song. Windows display the sound and track levels in real time, as well as the playback time. The program also allows creation and playback of tracks only for use as karaoke songs. These features are what one would expect from this type of program. Unfortunately, the program crashed multiple times during the testing and needed to be restarted to function.

Due to the program's unclear design and failures during normal use, those seeking a karaoke application should look into other options besides MidiCo Karaoke Player and Maker for Mac.

Editors' note: This is a review of the trial version of MidiCo Karaoke Player and Maker for Mac 2.05.

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